The Health IT field needs nurses.

As healthcare evolves into a digitally based industry, there is a need for the unique perspectives a nurse can add to shape the development of the systems that directly impact the nursing discipline. Around the world, hospitals and other healthcare organizations continue to invest substantial financial resources in information technology (IT) initiatives including advanced clinical systems, electronic health records and systems to address patient safety and quality. In order for these technologies to be as effective and efficient as possible, a nurse’s clinical insight is needed and highly valued by organizations.

I am a Nurse

As a talented and experienced nurse, there are numerous unique career paths available to you in the health care industry.


Health Informatics Degrees for Nurses

The UIC Health Informatics degree program is designed to prepare nurses who want high-impact health informatics careers.


Health Informatics Jobs for Nurses

The Master of Science, Health Informatics Degree or Certificate from the University of Illinois at Chicago will qualify nurses for many different types of positions at a wide variety of organizations.

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