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Nursing Informatics Degrees

The UIC Health Informatics degree program encompasses all of the Health Informatics sub-disciplines, including Nursing Informatics, allowing nurses, and other healthcare professionals to complement their patient care expertise with a comprehensive informatics education.

Experience the Industry’s Premier Informatics Program

  • CAHIIM Accredited– the first master-level health informatics program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management education (CAHIIM)
  • Recognized – the nation’s largest health informatics program
  • Experienced – nationally recognized, industry experienced faculty
  • Connected – elite network of classmates and alumni at the forefront of the industry
  • Flexible – enables multidisciplinary communication among students where expertise may be expanded to include the attitudes/perceptions of professions outside health IT
Our Master of Science in Health Informatics degree program will equip you to lead the planning, implementation and optimization of health information systems that directly impact the nursing discipline. Our Post-Master’s Certificate in Health Informatics is perfect for nurses and other medical professionals who already hold a graduate-level degree, and are interested in pursuing a career in Nursing Informatics.

Why I Chose UIC

“My work is hard but extremely rewarding. My patients hold a very special place in my heart. I love my job, but I want to do more. I want to expand on my passion for the art of nursing and do even more for the patients we care for. As a result, I’m looking to broaden my impact as a nurse and help develop technologies that will improve the quality of the care that we provide to our patients. Now, instead of helping just one patient at a time, I can help 100s, even 1000s, at a time.”

Nurses & the field of Health IT 

As health care evolves into a digitally based industry, there is a need for the unique perspectives a nurse can add to shape the development of the systems that directly impact the nursing discipline. Around the world, hospitals and other health care organizations continue to invest substantial financial resources in information technology (IT) initiatives including advanced clinical systems, electronic health records and systems to address patient safety and quality. In order for these technologies to be as effective and efficient as possible, a nurse’s clinical insight is needed and highly valued by organizations. Because of your clinical background and medical expertise, you are the ideal candidate for the unique jobs being created to fill this critical need in the health care sector. Through your experience, you are more sensitive to the concerns of the nursing staff than someone with a non-nursing background and would better understand how a new technology could be used to address nursing automation issues.

As a talented and experienced nurse, there are numerous unique career paths available to you in the health care industry. The Health Informatics program at the University of Illinois at Chicago can prepare you to pursue any of those career opportunities and implement information systems that enhance the quality of patient care provided throughout the health system.

Choose the Degree that’s right for you

Our Master of Science in Health Informatics can equip you to lead the planning, implementation, and optimization of health information systems for major health organizations. This 14 course master’s degree program is designed to groom the leaders in the transformation of health care information technology.

Our Post-Master’s Certificate in Health Informatics graduates have the potential to become highly proficient in the creation, operation and optimization of health information systems. This seven course graduate-level certificate program is perfect for nurses who already hold a master’s level degree.

Nursing Informatics Jobs

One of the advantages of earning your master’s degree or certificate from the University of Illinois at Chicago is that you will qualify for many different types of positions at a wide variety of organizations. Our health informatics program is designed to not only focus on the implementation and optimization of the information systems that support clinical practice, but it works to create the infrastructure that connects and enables the flow of critical information to and from each of the stakeholders in a patient’s care.

It is comprehensive enough to complement the skills of those with a nursing background, while also aspiring to prepare those from a non-nursing background to make the transition into a new exciting nursing informatics career. As a result, you will find opportunities within hospitals and other health care providers, public health organizations, research laboratories, medical software firms, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical companies and education institutions.

What is Nursing Informatics?

The nurse’s role in patient care has evolved, and so has their role in the use of technology to improve health care delivery. Nursing informatics is the sub-discipline of health informatics that applies information technology to the skills and work of nurses in healthcare. It integrates the science of nursing, computer technology and information science to enhance the quality of the nursing practice, through improved communication, documentation and efficiency.

Assisting in all aspects of a patient’s nursing care from admission to discharge, technology is drastically altering the ways nurses diagnose, treat, administer care for, and manage their patients. The integration of information technology into nursing enables the appropriate flow of data collected by nurses, improving access to patient information at the point of care, and enhancing nursing abilities to benchmark, monitor, and audit quality measures. With nursing informatics, the passion for nursing, technology, and innovation leads to improved patient outcomes and higher quality patient – nurse interactions.

Nurses that want to shape and improve the technology of the nursing practice have the opportunity to merge the two fields through our online Master of Science in Health Informatics degree program. Those more interested in improving patient data and the electronic health record (EHR), are able to do so through our Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health Information Management.

The Advancement of Nursing Informatics

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