5 Tools to Track Digital Health

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Person holding their smartphone looking at health dataSmart applications are the latest trend in wellness. People can track their heart health, manage pregnancies and encourage healthy habits in children using smart applications, and as technology improves, developers continue to find innovative ways to promote health.

The Future of Wellness

Many individuals use fitness and activity applications on their smart devices, but other more medically oriented technologies exist. [1] According to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, many individuals have recurring health ailments, but few use smart applications to manage and monitor their most pressing health concerns. Many individuals adopt this technology with encouragement from local wellness programs.

Popular wellness applications perform functions such as dietary guidance and monitoring as well as fitness tracking and recording. [2] The technology can also monitor weight changes over time by recording data directly from scales. Smart applications make monitoring and recording health easier and more accurate. Programmers have developed hundreds of wellness applications help people stay healthy. Here are five applications that individuals use to practice healthy living. [3]

Heart Help in an Application

Around one billion individuals suffer from hypertension. The illness results in one trillion dollars in annual medical expenses. Amicomed is a firm that helps clients manage the condition using clinically accurate data and has developed a heart monitoring application. The application coaches individuals in techniques to help them reduce their blood pressure. The firm suggests that users can improve their health in three months using the application to track their statistics and progress.

Health Coaching via the Cloud

BeYou is a digital wellness-coaching application. The program helps individuals with dietary, exercise and heart health planning with live coaching as well as a daily healthcare plan. The program synchronizes with users’ digital devices via a cloud account and automatically counts calories and incorporates users’ exercise history and diet into wellness diagnostics.

Encouraging Little Patients

BravePotions is a digital application that helps parents and physicians reduce children’s anxiety about visits to the doctor. The program is a simple tool to help children develop confidence when visiting physicians and dentists. The application offers interactive stories where children play the role of a superhero visiting the doctor’s office. Parents can give the game to children before visits for encouragement and after visits to provide positive reinforcement.

Doctors can use the application to build bonds with their young patients. The program educates children about medicine in terms that they can understand. Caregivers can provide tablets for waiting parents to introduce the concept.

Clinical Level Heart Support in an Application

Cardiosecur helps people manage their heart health and provides immediate recommendations during emergencies. The service uses electrocardiogram (ECG) technology to produce clinical grade readings and allows individuals to share information with their primary caregivers. The service provides an attachment that takes vital readings with users’ smart devices. Cardiosecur has won several awards from the medical community and provides physicians with software for patient monitoring through their application.

Connecting Pregnant Peers

My Pregnancy & Baby Today is an application that assists women during and after pregnancy with prenatal and early parenting learning resources. The application teaches pregnant women how to stay physically and mentally healthy and allows users to socialize with other expecting mothers. The program incorporates features such as a baby kick counter and time-lapse picture capability to record stomach growth as a memento. The application also offers guidance for new mothers for up to a year after childbirth.

Applications in the Future

Programmers introduce innovative wellness applications continuously. [2] Over time, the technology that detects vital measurements will improve, and as data stores grow, providers must design new methods to keep pace. Applications will soon warn individuals about what precautions to take before illnesses occur and promises to make wellness enjoyable and easy. Current and future digital health applications provide a direct link to caregivers, a capability that will improve health maintenance. The future of digital health monitoring is an exciting technology that will benefit our aging and future generations.

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