5 Top Connected Cities in America

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Pittsburgh's skylineTechnology breakthroughs in the medical field continue to change the possibilities for diagnosing and treating diseases. The following five U.S. cities are some of the most effective places using technology in their health care systems.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is home to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), considered one of the country’s leading health care providers. Originally founded in 1893, today UPMC is a leader in health technology, especially in robotics. UPMC health professionals are making advances toward helping paralyzed patients use robotic limbs in ways similar to traditional limbs. In 2012, doctors from UPMC inserted two electrode grids into the cortex of a paralyzed patient, giving the patient the ability to control a robotic arm.

Boston, Massachusetts

With close to 20,000 people employed in the medical device field, Boston is another city widely using technology in health care. The city averages approximately $2.4 billion in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding every year, resulting in many medical device startups. One of the latest technology advancements from Boston is a joint venture between EyeNetra and MC10 to bring eye exams to smartphones.

The city is also home to Massachusetts General Hospital, the main hospital for Harvard Medical School. Along with its renowned cancer treatments, the hospital also has one of the world’s most advanced brain scanners that creates images about eight times clearer than a traditional MRI scan.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles claims to have one of the world’s most technologically advanced hospitals with Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Here, patients are on the receiving end of healthcare advancements, such as virtual robotic telemedicine and robotically assisted surgery. However, the hospital itself isn’t what makes this city one of the most connected in the country. The area is also a hub for many medical device companies. Firms such as Allergan, Edwards Lifesciences, and Abbott Laboratories manufacture devices such as physical therapy equipment and dentistry tools, employing close to 30,000 people.

Mountain View, California

While health informatics and health information management are growing medical professional fields, El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California, was one of the first hospitals to launch a computerized medical information system in 1971. Today, the hospital delivers top-quality patient care using advanced technologies, such as robotic surgery devices and radiation therapy for cancer treatment.

Houston, Texas

Houston is home to two of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the country. Houston Methodist Hospital is one of the largest hospitals of its kind featuring robotic operating rooms. The hospital says these operating rooms are considered safer and less invasive for patients. Every year, surgeons use robotic technology to help treat heart disease, tumors, and cancer.

Additionally, Houston is also home to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, offering advanced cancer research and treatment. In 2014, research here was the first to suggest that blood testing could replace tumor tissue testing for cancer genetics.

As more cities across the U.S. look to these five cities and their advancements in health care technologies for inspiration, the care patients receive will become only more effective. Additionally, these health care technologies will help hospitals efficiently take on and treat even more patients.

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