Advantages of studying Health Informatics online at UIC

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Dr. Jacob Krive, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences

Summary: Online learning can deliver the same quality content that students receive on-campus with the flexibility of allowing them to study anywhere in the world. Another benefit is being able to incorporate new industry developments and research into a course.

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Today, technology has gone way beyond that and we have all of the tools necessary to deliver the same quality and the same content that students that have opportunity to attend physical classroom have.

Existing courses can take that advantage of quickly updating their curriculum and moving forward using a variety of other sources. The textbooks become outdated and sometimes I face situations when I cannot find a textbook that doesn’t exist for my subject, period. In those cases, I can quickly find most recently published sources, online sources, or simply use my research and industry experience to create an online lecture. In fact, there are examples of my participating in some industry meeting or returning from a conference and, within the next day or two, delivering that knowledge live to students, which may or not be possible in a classroom environment where more traditional programs are pretty much set in their ways.

This is where we’re very dynamic and we’re able to incorporate the content fresh off industry development or research development into curriculum. This is where I really appreciate online environment where I teach such new courses as clinical decision support systems, because the course really changes faster than anyone can imagine and anything that I taught in the previous term, only part of it applies to next term. I make those changes very quickly. Sometimes I post an agenda for my students for a live lecture and between the time that I posted it and a few weeks later when I actually deliver that I say, “Here’s the agenda. We’re going to try to follow that agenda, but there have been a few interesting developments that really are good causes for changing things around. Let’s just have a chat about it.”