AMA meets to discuss the importance of health informatics

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The American Medical Association (AMA) recently held a Board of Trustees meeting in order to discuss the role that health informatics, specifically electronic medical records (EMRs), plays in the healthcare industry.

Members of the association stated that EMRs allow physicians to easily access notes, lab results and other patients’ information. Ideally, using these tools will improve the safety, quality and efficiency of the healthcare industry and will allow doctors to get a better understanding of their patients’ wellness statuses.

As these implements become more popular, the Board of Trustees believe that they will only improve. In a more competitive market, EMR companies will be more motivated to enhance their products and create new tools. Therefore, members said that they would oppose any attempts to standardize EHR products, which would curb competition.

Many other organizations see EMRs as the way of the future of healthcare. For example, the Mayo Clinic praises its EMR system, stating that by using it they are able to provide more efficient, coordinated and secure healthcare. At the facility, EMRs are also used for research, as professionals can sort through a large amount of patient information quickly.

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