Avia Health Informatics releases self-assessment smartphone app

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Avia Health Informatics, a leading provider of new healthcare technology, has unveiled a new smartphone application allowing patients to make use of its Odyssey SelfAssess product, reports Proactive Investors.

Odyssey SelfAssess, which was developed by globally-oriented Avia subsidiary Plain Healthcare, uses data and information designed for use by clinicians to help patients evaluate their own symptoms before they visit a doctor or consult with another clinical healthcare provider.

Specifically designed for the occupational health market with absence management and employee health in mind, this product is part of the larger Odyssey line. According to the company’s website, this array of health informatics tools allow patients and clinicians to access valuable medical information using a touchscreen device, the internet or a telephone.

At present, the Odyssey SelfAssess app is available for Windows 7 and Android smartphones, although Avia hopes to expand it to BlackBerry and iPhone platforms soon. Users can download the program either through cloud computing, broadband or a 3G connection. Once they have received the app, patients can either evaluate their own health or use the software to assess the illness or injury of another person.

“The development of Odyssey applications for smartphones is an exciting development for the group as it makes the software even more accessible and means we can now offer Odyssey to corporations looking for solutions for occupational health and absence management,” said Barry Giddings, the chairman of Avia. “The potential for mobile deployment also opens up opportunities in other new markets around the world.”

As more healthcare services are offered through technology, more hospitals are also integrating electronics into their field by using tools like electronic health records and electronic medical records.

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