Bachelor of Science in HIM Practicum Experience – Karen Patena, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA

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Karen Patena, MBA, RHIA, FAHIM

Summary: UIC’s health information management undergraduate program requires a 160 hour practicum experience as part of the degree.


One of the things that we do in our undergraduate and [post back 00:04] level programs to give people a bit of experience is to require a practical experience as part of the program. All of our students do do a 160 hour practicum with a client, or with a hospital, or with some facility to get some kind of practical experience, and that is something they can put on their resume, and it seems to go, you know, very far, very helpful in what they’re doing. You do need the best of both worlds, I think, coming out just with theory doesn’t cut it, so we try to provide a little bit of practical experience so that you have something when you’re coming out.