Berkeley Research Group joins forces with 3M to tackle readmission rates

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In an attempt to leverage healthcare IT to address hospital readmission rates, the Berkeley Research Group’s (BRG) Health Analytics Practice has announced a partnership with 3M Corporation, reports Information Week.

The two organizations will work together on a pilot project at select hospitals to address the problem of hospital readmission rates and associated costs. The Potentially Preventable Readmission (PPR) and Complication (PPC) software developed by 3M will be utilized by BRG during the initiative. Patient classification systems will be used alongside hospital claims software to further highlight trends in hospital readmission rates.

“Under the provisions of the health reform bill of 2010, hospitals bear a greater responsibility for improving patient outcomes, which will ultimately bend the cost curve down,” Donna Kinzer, a director at BRG, told the news source.

By using 3M’s PPR software, analysts at BRG hope to be able to identify the reasons for hospital readmissions and gauge whether such visits were due to errors in patient care during their first admission to the hospital. This individualized, data-centric approach will allow hospital personnel to identify areas in which they can improve the quality of patient care to reduce the necessity of readmission.

Reducing the rates of patient readmission is becoming a priority for many healthcare facilities in light of the need for reductions in cost. According to FierceHealthcare, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Florida saw a 68 percent reduction in patient readmissions following the introduction of after-care clinics for individuals receiving emergency medical treatment.

“We set up a system to identify patients through our [medical informatics system], and when they come to the clinic, we focus on their social environment and other non-medical issues that might cause readmissions,” said Dean Watson, Tallahassee Memorial’s chief medical officer, as quoted by the news source.

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