Biometrics replace passwords, increase security at Children’s Clinics

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Arizona-based Children’s Clinics for Rehabilitative Services has adopted biometric security software developed by DigitalPersona, Inc. in an attempt to increase security and maximize the quality of patient care. The system, called Digital Persona Pro, will be integrated into Children’s Clinics’ medical informatics network, alongside a rollout of DigitalPersona’s U.are.U biometric fingerprint scanning devices.

“Using DigitalPersona Pro and U.are.U Fingerprint Readers allows our providers to log into our [clinical informatics] system without the hassle of remembering their password,” said William Mayo, information systems supervisor for Children’s Clinics, as quoted by Healthcare IT News. “User acceptance has been positive because employees can quickly and easily access their applications from any exam room PC with just their finger.”

The Digital Persona Pro security suite offers healthcare providers a set of tools designed to maximize the security of healthcare IT networks and protect patient data. The suite utilizes Microsoft’s Active Directory technology to provide IT personnel with a familiar way to administer security privileges of physicians and contract personnel. The package of tools allows sensitive data to be encrypted, in addition to offering robust authentication protocols using the biometric fingerprint scanners. According to officials from DigitalPersona, the security suite is compliant with HITECH and HIPAA healthcare IT regulatory guidelines.

Children’s Clinics operates a network of 25 healthcare facilities across southern Arizona, and recently transitioned to the NextGen Ambulatory medical informatics system following years of paper recordkeeping. More than 40 percent of the personnel working for Children’s Clinics are contractors, meaning that the security measures implemented by the clinic had to provide both ease of use and scalable infrastructure deployment.

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