Certifications Important During ICD-10 Implementation

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Mike Cohen, President of MRC Consulting Group

Summary: There is a need during the ICD-10 implementation phase to receive a certification, but there is more going on than just implementing like operations, security, etc.


The reason it’s a trick question is because it’s very appropriate today. This could be much less important in two or three years, it wasn’t all that important three to five years ago. We’re in a crunch right now where everyone’s rushing to get in systems. There’s only a couple vendors that are selling a lot. Those people are the premium. If you want to be an implementor, either for a vendor or for a provider, yes, you need that certification. There’s a lot more things going on in healthcare informatics and implementing and we’ve talked a lot about those already … The operations, security, why not just be an IT crack? The CIO, if you want to manage revenue cycle applications. If you want to manage other administrative applications, that’s the good 60-70% of the rest of the market. It’s just where all the activity, all the butts talk is today.