Clinical informatics vendor offers interoperability with Microsoft tools

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Officials at Greenway Medical Technologies recently announced that its medical informatics and practice management software package PrimeSUITE will feature interoperability functionality enabling patients to access and share data with Microsoft’s HealthVault.

Patients of physicians using PrimeSUITE will be able to securely access their records through the medical informatics system and create personalized health dashboards of data using HealthVault. Data will be transferred using the standardized continuity-of-care document (CCD) format.

“Mobile, accessible and liquid data are prerequisites for today’s care coordination,” said Tee Green, Greenway’s president and chief executive officer. He added that “it’s time to recognize patients as consumers of healthcare best practices. They are demanding it, and payers are increasingly linking patient engagement and empowerment into quality reporting and data exchange criteria in meaningful use and accountable care programs.”

Data combined using PrimeSUITE and HealthVault will also be shareable with other clinicians and facilities, regardless of the medical informatics system they have in place due to the standardized nature of the CCD.

A recent report published by IDC Health Insights revealed that Greenway is among the medical informatics vendors most likely to secure a significant share of the U.S. healthcare IT marketplace during the next four years. IDC predicts that adoption of clinical informatics systems will rise to 80 percent by 2016.

Greenway’s suite of tools is used by more than 33,000 providers nationwide, according to Healthcare IT News. Earlier this year, the Georgia-based vendor caused a stir as it began publicly trading on Wall Street. The company raised an initial public offering of $80 million in February of this year.

The news source reports that Greenway has a customer retention rate of 95 percent, and research firm KLAS voted PrimeSUITE the best healthcare IT solution for physician practices of between 11 and 75 doctors in 2011.

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