Clinicians Adapting within Health Care IT – Jacob Krive, PhD, MBA, MS, CPHIMS

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Jacob Krive, PhD, MS, CPHIMS

Summary: Listen to UIC Professor Jacob Krive describe how clinicians will adapt to all of the changes within health care IT.


Well, adaptation will not be easy in the health care where clinical professionals are used to a certain level of autonomy in making their own decisions. Getting them on board is a difficult task, and it will not be a matter of a few meetings or a few conversations. They need to see real experts in informatics in front of them.

If in the past, people came to health informatics from various other backgrounds and just tried to adopt, and, at the time, they dealt with pretty basic functions of health care information technology, today, it requires a very rich and specialized skill set. These people need to be familiar with health care operations, with certain aspects of medicine, and be well versed in information technology and, in some cases, computer science. Just simply coming from a different perspective, and taking charge of health informatics, is not happening anymore.