CSC announces acquisition of iSOFT to increase health IT capabilities

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The global healthcare information technology (IT) industry continues to change as more care centers look to integrate their medical records to an electronic system. As a result, the market is changing at a rapid pace in order to meet these needs.

IT services firm CSC recently announced the acquisition of iSOFT Group, a company that provides advanced health IT solutions in a $188 million deal, according to Healthcare IT News. CSC executives said that this move will greatly increase its abilities to grow within the healthcare IT industry.

More than 13,000 healthcare providers and governments use iSOFT’s e-health software, which is why this deal will allow CSC to reach a larger audience.

“Through our combined experience in global healthcare delivery, complementary world-class healthcare software solutions, and enhanced capabilities in system integration, outsourcing and process management, we are forming a compelling lifecycle of services to better serve our global clients and improve patient care,” said CSC chairman, president and chief executive officer (CEO), Michael W. Laphen.

For those who are looking to be a part of the healthcare IT industry, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those with a health informatics degree may find more job opportunities.