Current Roadblocks in Health Care – Jacob Krive, PhD, MBA, MS, CPHIMS

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Jacob Krive, PhD, MBA, MS, CPHIMS

Summary: Learn about some of the roadblocks that currently exist that prevents health care from moving forward.


Health Care is a very processed-oriented field. So there are many processes that exist, both to support information technology and to support normal health care operations.

These processes are performed and followed by many people, so they tend to be expensive because labor expense is the biggest expense in health care. It’s the monies that are paid to provide their excellent care.

So, one of the functions of information technology would be to first of all, perform better in terms of efficiency and remove some the road blocks that this technology has created by itself. All the separate applications that store different functions in applications that are unable to talk to each other. But at the same time the function of I. T. would be also to go much beyond fixing its own problems and actually help health care create more efficiency and more lean processes. And ‘lean’ is a big word today in health care because it has touched a lot of other industries, most notably manufacturing. But it has never been applied in the wide sense in health care.

And today, ‘lean’ is a big deal because we are all facing a problem of rising health care costs. And it’s one of the areas where Health Informatics should be in the driver’s seat. Not causing issues and not creating new processes, but helping remove barriers in communication and work flows among clinicians and those people supporting them.