Doctors’ use of mobile devices is increasing

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The iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones have pushed many physicians to test the plausibility of these technologies being used in the healthcare industry. In fact, a recent study shows that viewing medical news through these devices has increased by 45 percent in the last year.

The study, conducted by Bulletin Healthcare, shows that nearly 30 percent of doctors access the daily medical information contained in their briefings on mobile platforms. Meanwhile, the remaining 70 percent still use their desktop or laptop computers. However, researchers say that the trend is starting to turn toward more smartphone usage.

“We assumed that specialty-based segments of the medical community might differ in their media habits and use mobile devices to varying degrees,” Mike Donatello, vice president of research at Bulletin Healthcare, told the news source.

Accessing medical records through mobile devices lies in the hands of health information management degree holders who can implement these systems for doctors and hospitals.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for computer and information systems managers are expected to increase by 17 percent over the next seven years.