Electronic health record app launched by Kaiser Permanente

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Thanks to a new application developed for the Android platform, more than 9 million patients will be able to access their medical records on their mobile device, reports Information Week.

Kaiser, which owns the largest civilian medical informatics system in the world, developed the application to enable patients to securely send and receive medical information and messages to and from their physician. Officials at Kaiser said that a version of the application compatible with iPhone devices is also currently in development and will be launched later this year.

The application allows users to access a mobile version of the Kaiser Permanente website with additional functionality. Featuring an easily navigable interface, the site was designed to enable users to locate the information they need with minimal navigation. As the application provides patients with access to the Kaiser Permanente website, no sensitive patient health information is stored on the user’s mobile device, meaning that data transactions are more secure.

“We’re expanding capabilities and features in the [mobile health] field,” Phil Fasano, chief information officer at Kaiser, told the news source.

Applications such as the one developed by Kaiser could become increasingly popular in coming years as patients demand increased access to their medical records and enhanced interaction with their physician. According to Channel Insider, a recent report by research and analytics firm comScore suggests that access of medical data from mobile devices increased by 125 percent since 2010.

The study indicates that as of November 2011, almost 17 million people accessed medical information through their mobile devices during a three-month reporting period. Additionally, the survey revealed that almost three in five people accessing medical information through a mobile device were under 35 years of age.