ER doctors at Lexington Medical Center find EMRs valuable

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Physicians at Wake Forest Baptist Health-Lexington Medical Center (LMC) have said that the emergency department’s new electronic medical record (EMR) system has proven valuable since it was installed one month ago, reports the Dispatch.

LMC treats as many as 31,000 patients each year, and its annual traffic has continued to grow with no end in sight. Dr. Stephen Greer, the medical director of the hospital’s emergency room (ER), said that the addition of an EMR system has helped the ER maintain a smoother flow of patients and will ultimately cut the amount of time people must wait for treatment.

“Already we are seeing benefits in terms of increased legibility and eliminating dictation,” Greer told the source. “Documentation is more complete and communication has improved among the staff in the emergency department…We have quick and secure access to records of previous visits a patient made to the emergency department. All caregivers have access to the most current information to support the best possible decisions on how to treat patients.”

The system also provides patients with better information on their care. According to Dr. James Hoekstra, the chairman of emergency medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, the main campus of LMC’s umbrella organization, people who visit the emergency room receive improved instructions for post-hospitalization care thanks to the new health informatics tool.

The satisfaction of LMC’s emergency doctors with their new EMR system is far from unique. According to a survey conducted by Sage Healthcare Insights, 62 percent of physicians and 81 percent of patients reported that they had a positive impression of the practice of documenting treatment electronically.