Experts say that health information technology jobs are increasing

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that employment opportunities in healthcare fields added 34,000 jobs in February, which is three times the amount that was created in January.

Healthcare experts say that many of those jobs were in primary care, which were made available through doctors retiring and Americans living longer due to better medical procedures.

However, many job seekers are slow to refine their search habits in regards to health information technology, which makes the field an untapped gold mine for employment opportunities.

“Health care remains a consistent growth industry in the U.S.,” said John Burkhardt, managing director of, which tracks employment figures in the healthcare field. “It is not just doctors and nurses, though, that are benefiting; as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – health care reform – comes closer to its final effective date in 2014, information technology roles will continue to grow in both scope and number,”

Experts say that healthcare providers need health information management degree holders who can help implement new systems that will help them achieve meaningful use requirements to receive federal monetary incentives.