Experts worry about the security of electronic health information

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Recently, a team of experts identified trends concerning the technology, regulations and governance in health information for 2011, Healthcare IT News reports.

Federal legislation requires all medical records be converted to the electronic medium by 2015. However, many individuals are concerned over the potential for unauthorized access, the violation of new data breach laws as well as the threat of health and financial identity theft.

The group stated that health information exchanges will focus more attention on privacy. Colleges and universities may have to gear their health informatics degree programs toward security to ensure that medical records are safe from malicious hackers as the new systems are rolled out.

“Organizations are venturing into the electronic world for the first time as practices implementing electronic health records and states are launching health information exchanges.” Ernie Hood, vice president and CIO of Group Health Cooperative, told the news source. “A surge of new data will be brought online by a lot of inexperienced organizations fueled by monetary government incentives.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than 35,000 new employment opportunities in the health information technician field will become available by 2018.