Former U.S. Senators discuss the importance of health information technology

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U.S. politicians recently met at the Bipartisan Policy Center to discuss how health information technology will shape America for years to come, Health IT News reports.

Tom Daschle, a former U.S. Senator, talked with others about how the technology marketplace has many systems that healthcare providers can use, but most are not compatible with each other. Furthermore, he noted that America has a “21st century operating room and a 19th century administrative room.”

He also indicated that it may be difficult for hospitals and doctors to find the data they need at the right time. Furthermore, healthcare is the least transparent of all the sectors of the economy.

Bob Bennett, a former U.S. Senator, touched upon the need for privacy and confidentiality. He iterated that data can improve care by finding issues that a single doctor may overlook or not even notice.

Electronic health records are part of America’s push toward updating the nation’s healthcare system, while also reducing costs and improving care. As a result, hospitals are seeking to hire individuals who have obtained a degree in health informatics to help them implement these systems.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 41 percent of private practice physicians currently plan to adopt electronic health records and earn federal incentive payments for meaningful use.