Four Fabulous Apps for Fitness & Health

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There are hundreds of health and fitness apps available on the market today. Some are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and will tell you what the air quality is like for people with allergies. Others will help track your mood, let you know how many steps you’ve taken today, or interface with your physician’s online health informatics system.

Everyone from Apple to Dr. Oz has a list of favorite, must-have apps. You’re the best judge of what you need to feel better and get fit. Here are a few apps to consider based on your wellness goals:

Weight Loss

CarrotFit is Apple’s top choice for best new health apps for 2014. At a cost of $1.99, this weight loss app will track your progress, calculate your BMI, and allow you to enter your weight loss goals. You’ll get a reminder to put in your weight each day. After you do so, a female voice will let you know how CarrotFit feels about your data. She will cheer you on when you lose a few pounds, but watch out for nasty comments when you gain weight.  The developers say that users respond well to the negative feedback.

Smoking Cessation

SmokeFree is Apple’s #2 pick for the top apps available today. Also reasonably priced at $1.99, this app will track the cost savings and health benefits of quitting smoking. SmokeFree will also help educate you about the dangers of tar and nicotine and how long it takes your body to regenerate from the damage smoking has inflicted. You can also share your successes on Facebook and Twitter using the SmokeFree app.

Heart Rate

This is a popular type of app available for most smartphone platforms. A free app called Instant Heart Rate calculates your numbers using your fingertip against the camera lens of your phone. Other heart rate apps work the same way. Depending on your situation, you can use the app to speed up your workout or back away from a heated conversation that isn’t worth putting that kind of stress on your heart.


If you are really into fitness, you’ll love Fitocracy. Besides being free to download, it allows you to join a virtual fitness community where you can compete with others in your social network. You’ll be able to track your workouts and earn points for every exercise activity you complete. Fitocracy helps to “gamify” the act of keeping fit and can be especially motivating for competitive individuals.