The Future of Clinical Informatics – Andrew Boyd, MD

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Andrew Boyd, MD

Summary: Learn about the impact of clinical informatics in the future.


As I mentioned previously, Clinical Informatics is brand new. October was the first time people could sit for the Board in Clinical Informatics. As we in the future the concept of Clinical Informatics is going to spread. Right now there is only a few hundred Board Certified Clinical Informatitions, over the next few years it is going to increase.

How is that going to affect the overall Health Industry, as you see different hospitals? The concept of a Chief Medical Information Officer, or maybe even to the Sub-Specialty or to the Sub-Divisions in medicine, or maybe a Chief Cardiology Information Officer. The concept of a Clinical Informatition and how they apply into the overall Health Care System. Since we are at the beginning phases, we are still in the process of creating the jobs, creating the knowledge structure, and we do have some overall structure within hospitals, like the Chief Medical Information Officer, or the Chief Health Information Officer.

As data becomes more important for reimbursement purposes, as data becomes more important for quality metrics, as data becomes important and is more heterogeneous between patient data, lab data, physician data, all the different Health Professions. These types of positions are going to be critical for both the success of Hospitals and Physician groups in general, but they will also help bring value. Only through understanding the data and using the data in novel ways can we both get better out comes as well as lower cost. We all want to do right by the patients, but because of the Clinical Informatics is only those who are practicing medicine, who have the additional Informatics training can really harness the value of the EHR data.

We have just spent billions and billions of dollars in deploying all of these electronics Health Records, but are people really asking the tough questions? Are people asking the innovative questions in order to figure out how you actually get from the data we have now in order to help design better Health Systems? As well as use the data to help target patients who maybe higher risks for re-admissions, or maybe target them for more additional tender loving care to make sure they don’t end up back in the hospital. How do we stratify patients to figure out who are the ones who are going to be fine by themselves, who need more work. Who are the ones we can detect eight hours ahead of times before someone breaks out with an iatrogenic Infection through the data we collect through an EHR?

These are the wonderful and awesome questions now that we have this wealth of data. When you know the Clinical Presentation of these diseases and you see them on a day to day basis, we now have access to the data in a real time. If you can ask the interesting questions and literally drive the research, and drive Health Practice. We can change the way Health Care is practiced in the U.S. and across the world.