Health Care and Privacy of Health Electronic Records – Eric Swirsky, JD, MA

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Eric Swirsky, JD, MA

Summary: Learn about some of the potential issues within health care and privacy of the health electronic records.


One of the other issues that I see coming up a lot would be the volume of information that’s in the health record now. Because of things of copy and paste, records have become quite large. Also because records can easily portable now clinicians will all ready have a big base of information to start with when they’re dealing with a patient and then they’re adding even more to that. Now patients have a lot more access to health information than they’ve ever had, but so do clinicians. There are questions that arise with that as well, such as “are decision makers always better off with more information?” Sometimes yes, sometimes no, there’s a certain amount of information overload that can occur with doctors.

We see it with airline pilots and people in high stress environments where too much information is a bad thing. How does that apply in the health care context, if at all? Do we want to maybe limit the amount of information that is being provided or do we want to maximize it and let the doctors sort out what’s important and what’s not? If we want that, can we reasonably expect doctors to do that? They’re very, very busy. Now they’re all ready having a lot of responsibility heaped upon them, and now there’s even more information that’s being heaped on as well, and they’re responsible for it.