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HI professional sharing information with a nurseThe healthcare industry is experiencing a revolution brought forth by new technology and business models, as well as a more patient-centered approach to care. By making the switch to electronic medical records and a more integrated modality of doctor / patient interaction, quality of care is on the rise. Health informatics companies facilitate these changes and allow hospitals and private practices to deliver better, more efficient and less costly care to patients. The following companies are leading the field and transforming the health care industry as we know it.


Optum is a health services and innovation company dedicated to improving healthcare by “combining data and analytics with technology and expertise.” They have recently jumped to the top of the Healthcare Informatics 100 list and currently have the most revenue among all American informatics companies.

Their stated focus is on three key areas of change: modernizing the system’s infrastructure, advancing care and supporting people as they take control of their own health.

Optum is helping hospital administrators reduce fraud through predictive analytics, learn how to better assess risks in contracts and investments, and realize how preventive care can work for the patient as well as the hospital.

The new ways in which Optum is increasing the quality of care for patients make them a company to watch. Optum is helping hospitals understand that care transition timelines must be set with an understanding of the external factors that speed them up or slow them down. They are also providing tools that allow hospitals to work with providers that share similar values. Patient care begins with a hands-on approach by nurses and doctors. But the tools Optum provides allows healthcare organizations to increase their level of care in a way that can be sustained and measured as it lowers costs in the long run.


Wipro Technologies made the biggest jump last year on the Healthcare Informatics Top 100 list, from 60th to 22nd. This global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company helps customers by utilizing “natural resources, capital and talent.”

This company prides itself on creating new services, products and breakthrough applications. One way they are moving to the forefront of the industry is through their acquisition of HealthPlan Services, the “leading independent technology and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) provider in the U.S. Health Insurance market.” Wipro’s partnership with HealthPlan allows them to lead the field in the industry shift towards consumer-centric business models.

With an understanding of the changes taking place in the healthcare industry, Wipro helps companies thrive in the world of integrated healthcare. They are uniquely able to provide value by guiding companies through major aspects of care including delivery, distribution and pharmacy benefit management.

Conifer Health Solutions

This Texas-based company has consistently racked up awards and recognitions throughout its thirty years of doing business. A few of their most recent accolades include the Case in Point Platinum Award for their ConiferCore Outcomes Optimization software. This proprietary application helps to facilitate a team-based approach to patient care that coordinates efforts among all stakeholders, from physician to patient and everyone in between. The result of this strategic coordination is a higher standard of care for the patient and lower cost for the healthcare organization.

In the words of Conifer president Megan North, the award also emphasizes “Conifer’s success in facilitating connections among the patient, the physician, the care manager and other members of the medical team that ultimately drive better outcomes across the care continuum.” This success is largely due to Conifer’s wholehearted embrace of the value-based revenue cycle that many healthcare institutions have been slow to adopt. The numbers speak for themselves: the company boasts a healthcare cost trend rate that consistently averages less than 4 percent for clients over a five-year period.

In addition, Conifer enjoys a top-tier reputation as a great place to work. The company was ranked at #66 among Forbes magazine’s 500 best employers in America (with a #2 standing in the Business Services and Supplies category).

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