Health Informatics Curriculum for Clinical Informatics – Andrew Boyd, MD

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Andrew Boyd, MD

Summary: Find out what UIC’s Health Informatics program has to offer in clinical informatics.


Right now for Clinical Informatics in the sub-specialty, the curriculum now is an accredited program for the sub-specialty. You can take the Master’s in Health Informatics in the next couple of years, as well as working in the individual field, and actually be grandfathered in. So over the next five years, you will be able to use our curriculum as a stepping stone in order to become a board certified Clinical Informatician through letters of support through the program and said for the individual board. Our curriculum will prepare you for that board in Clinical Informatics.

We don’t have experiential learning, but many people who are practicing in the individual hospitals now helping EHR’s, helping the deployments. You do not have to spend two years of your life going through additional fellowship. By using the HI program you can come to the Master’s program, get a Master’s degree, and then use that as the certification to help sit for the board. Over the next couple of years this program will be able to support physicians like this, and as the fellowship programs get stood up, out program is looking to partner and help support fellowship programs going forward as well.

Right now if you’re interested in Clinical Informatics, a Master’s degree is a great way of showing, “Hey, I have the experience, I have the knowledge, let me sit for the board and I can become a board certified Clinical Informatician.”