Healthcare providers may have difficulties achieving Stage 2 meaningful use

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A new study from the PwC Health Research Institute reveals that hospitals may face problems getting patients to use electronic health records, EHR Watch reports.

Researchers told the news source that this may prevent healthcare providers from meeting standards for Stage 2 meaningful use, which enables hospitals to receive monetary incentives from the federal government. They added that only 14 percent of consumers reported getting their medical records electronically from their doctor’s office. Meanwhile, 30 percent said they do not know why they would need to.

Researchers suggest that healthcare providers need to build in-patient input earlier in order to comply with Stage 2 meaningful use requirements

“Successful use of electronic health information (EHR) will ultimately be measured in better patient outcomes, higher quality and reduced costs,” said Bruce Henderson, director and national leader of the EHR-Health Information Exchange Practice, PwC.

As a result, many hospitals will be seeking individuals who have acquired a degree in health information management. These professionals can properly install a system that will show patients why they should use EHRs, which will help hospitals fulfill federal requirements for meaningful use.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in the health information management field are expected to increase 20 percent over the next seven years.