Hospital in Missouri installs integrated electronic health records system

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Missouri’s St. John’s Regional Medical Center recently became the first healthcare institution in the state to advance its health informatics technology to create an integrated electronic health records (EHS) system, the Neosho Daily News reports.

In order to prepare for the change, almost 35 miles of cables had to be installed in the hospital to provide access to more computer systems. The facility also added 800 work stations where physicians can add information to patients’ health records through monitors.

Using this new system, people will only need to provide physicians with their medical history once, regardless of who cares for them or what facility they visit. This will make it easier and more efficient for individuals to receive quality services.

As the health informatics system continues to advance, physicians told the news outlet that their patients will be able to access their medical and lab records from home as well as email and schedule appointments with doctors.

Due to its many benefits, a recent Sage Healthcare Division study found that 78 percent of physicians and 62 percent of patients agreed that EHRs will improve the quality of healthcare.