Hospitals hiring more health information technicians to show “meaningful use” of EHR

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The federal government is providing hospitals and medical centers with grants if they can show meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR) at their respective practices as part of a nationwide healthcare reform. As a result, many of these institutions are now scrambling to meet the 2015 deadline to convert their paper records to the electronic medium in order to receive these incentives.

Health information technology companies are becoming more prevalent in the marketplace for hospitals and medical centers to hire to convert their paper records to the electronic medium.

These companies are offering interface development, certification strategy, data extraction and report writing as part of a package that can enable healthcare facilities to show meaningful use and receive grants from the federal government. These programs will link healthcare applications and providers together to make documents easily transferable from one hospital to another.

As a result, more health information technicians are needed to help facilitate these changes and translate comprehensive, user-friendly software programs that can be used by health clinics and medical centers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that by 2018, more than 35,000 employment opportunities in the health information technician field – which often requires employees to hold a health information management degree – will become available.