How a Health Information Management degree can help your career

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Bonnie Siegel

Hear from an industry expert on how having a degree or advanced degree will put you ahead in the race to find a job, especially in the healthcare field.


It’s interesting. The lack of a degree … You might be able to get in to an organization but you won’t advance. The degree part and the advanced degree is going to put you ahead of other candidates in a certain field if you’re in a race to get a job. I would say the healthcare background is going to be very important, understanding technology, your experience but what we’re finding, especially for executives, advanced degrees are what put people ahead in the hiring business. More executives have MBA’s and advanced degrees and they want other people on their team with advanced degrees. It’s important that if you get in without a degree go back to school and finish that degree. Make sure your degree is from an accredited university because there’s a lot of for profits out there that … Be careful of that. Your experience is going to count but that it’s all important for an accredited college or university and look forward going to an advanced degree.