How Does UIC Prepare its Students for Life Beyond Graduation

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Diana Quaynor

Learn how the University of Illinois at Chicago prepares its students for life beyond graduation from graduate, Diana Quaynor.


The UIC degree has really given me the confidence to move forward in my career and to know that I can go into any setting and discuss the challenges in healthcare and the solutions with just about anybody within the industry.

It’s given me the knowledge and the opportunity to learn from others what experiences they’ve had and to share thoughts and ideas about moving the industry forward to create better patient outcomes.

After graduating, my career plans are to take the knowledge that I’ve obtained and move it further.

I’ve been an independent consultant for a few years now and I’ve taken the next pledge, the next leap forward to set myself up officially as a company and grow the consultancy.

I hope to acquire interesting projects, ones that I feel are really impacting the industry and work with interesting people who can help to attain better results in healthcare.

If someone asked me about the program, I would definitely tell them to go for it if they feel they’ve reached a point in their career where they can learn more and take that knowledge and use it right away.

The UIC Health Informatics program is a strong one. It encourages collaboration. It encourages the sharing of experiences. It really makes you realize that even though you thought you knew a lot about the industry, there is more to learn. There is always more to learn.

What’s nice about it is you do get to learn from your fellow students in groups or in class discussions and you learn a whole lot from the professors and the faculty who are all there to help you use the information you have, do further research and discuss amongst yourselves and learn from each other.

It’s a very strong program. You learn from clinicians. You learn from business management, from vendors, as well as suppliers, from all walks of life, as you will, in the healthcare industry. There’s a lot that this program teaches you that you can apply almost immediately.

It’s been great for my career and for my personal growth as well.