How Important are Certifications to an Employer?

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Carter Groome, CEO of First Choice Professionals

Summary: Certifications are important; however, a lot of companies now are looking at skill sets and will offer certifications to get you in the door.


There are organizations that they have to hire someone at the certification and they won’t even look at you. If you don’t have that certification and part of that is the vendor influence that’s locking down, let’s say the hospitals for example. Then there’s other organizations that want to look at your skill set holistically and if you can help them with or without a certification they’ll find a way to get you a certification.

Beyond that, yeah, hospitals have an entry level positions that we’ve talked about training, documentation, technology whatever that is, they’ll hire you and then they’ll get you certified on let’s say, [EPEC 00:00:43] for example in a specific area that you may have interest in. They’ll also probably have you sign a non-compete saying, “We’re going to train you, you’re going to stick with us for 18 months or two years or however long,” because we don’t like you to get that training and then all the sudden a hundred recruiters are calling you and they’re offering you about $150 an hour and you’re going to call. There are opportunities and I think a lot of it to build up to that question on what we talked about can get you there and get you the opportunity to get certified.