How IT Transformed the Health Care Industry – Jacob Krive, PhD, MBA, MS, CPHIMS

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Jacob Krive, PhD, MBA, MS, CPHIMS

Summary: Professor Krive describes how IT has transformed the health care industry.


IT has literally gone from the basement up, because if you think of those areas of IT that existed in hospitals just a little over a decade ago, they have been administrative support, your typical IT department that supported payroll, paid people, supported accounting functions, they were located down in the basement physically where all there was was support functions.

Today House IT has actually transformed into what we call House Informatics, so now we are in the driver seat when it comes to enhancing quality of patient care, in driving the cost of care down, which is a big national issue today. House Informatics or House IT has changed status from something that was just supporting hospitals to almost a household name. If you think of the government programs that actually sanctions meaningful use, that support and encourage and in some cases require the use of House Informatics in hospitals.