How Process Improvement Initiatives Impress Employers

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Rachel Wixson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Cipe Consulting Group

Summary: Employers look for how the applicant has improved an initiative or process and how it relates to people.


I would add to it that a question I sometimes ask of folks is, have you implemented a process that required changing a process or changing how people do things, because so much about putting in the systems that we work with is about changing the day to day way that a nurse functions or the way that you’re registering patients and so it’s nice to have some background in the soft skills that were highlighted earlier.

How did you work with the people involved in the change to get them to adopt the change, as well as the end to end, not only the technical piece, but process re-engineering and taking initiative to look at something that could be done better, because that is also where health care is going. Saving costs, improving things that you already have. Finding efficiencies and implementing something to make something more efficient. I think you can do that in a lot of different ways and different industries.