How to Set Yourself Apart with Employers

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David Kushan, Managing Partner of Healthcare IS

Summary: For someone entering the job space, having the ability to be adaptable and to adjust to certain situations and workers will help set you apart with employ


I think in the space that we work it’s a challenging question to answer just because the client base tends to look for very specific skills or knowledge of applications. But having said that I think overall—each client will define that a little bit differently—but overall I wouldn’t say it’s so much a skill as it is a mindset and your ability to adapt to a situation. Somebody who could be adaptable, who understands that each client you walk into will have different types of mindsets, there’s different cultures you’re walking into. Along with what you want to learn is that ability.

I know it’s very unmeasurable and hard to describe, but the people that my clients tend to be most happy with—the hard programming skill will come and go—it’s the people who can adjust to different cultures, different environments. So again, I don’t mean to be so soft or unmeasurable, but that’s really an intangible. Your ability to walk in, assess the situation and adapt and make adjustments personally with the people you’re working with day to day is something that will be able to be used anywhere you are.