Idaho hospitals begin instituting health information systems

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The Health Information Technology (IT) for Economic and Clinical Health Act was signed into law in 2009 as part of a $23 billion bill that aims to jumpstart the adoption of new technology in hospitals and physicians’ offices. Majority of the funding is geared toward incentive programs to help accelerate the use of healthcare IT at medical facilities.

For instance, Idaho hospitals are beginning to adopt these changes and are currently connecting these new healthcare information systems together with other area medical centers for easier access between institutions, Magic Valley Times-News reports.

Officials from the North Canyon Medical Center told the news that the facility recently purchased a computer system for its record keeping for $2 million. Likewise, Syringa Hospital and Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center also bought a new health IT system to convert its records to the electronic medium.

Currently, each medical facility is connecting to the Twin Falls data center to link with the Idaho Health Data Exchange.

“The Health Exchange is creating a way for different systems to talk,” LaDonna Larson health exchange executive director, told the news source. “That way, hospitals can choose the systems that work best for them.”