Individual Training, Emerging Programs and Research – Jacob Krive, PhD, MBA, MS, CPHIMS

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Jacob Krive, PhD, MBA, MS, CPHIMS

Summary: Find out where individuals look for training and what is currently available in emerging programs and research.


Until recently, there were very few options for them and they had to rely on on-the-job training and experience to get into the field. Today, luckily, there are other options available, including formal education. There are emerging high-quality graduate programs and undergraduate programs that can prepare people who are health IT specifically. These programs are developing cutting-edge curriculum that combines traditional IT aspects with biomedical informatics aspects. On top of it, they are producing world-quality research and they can quickly put that research into use and get it into the curriculum so students can get the latest information on what’s actually changing in this quickly developing field. It’s a young field and it’s an exciting one.