Integrated EHR system architecture agreed upon by DoD, VA

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Officials at the Department of Defense (DoD) have made “significant progress” in developing an integrated electronic health record in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), reports Information Week.

In a report submitted by the DoD to Congress, officials indicated they had agreed on several aspects of the integrated medical informatics system, including standardized data formats, common clinical applications, presentation layers and data center consolidation.

The Defense Department’s Information Systems Agency will oversee the operation of data centers used by the clinical informatics network and identity management will be handled by the DoD’s Manpower Data Center.

Mary Lamb, chief operating officer of Suss Consulting, told the news source that by submitting a detailed report to Congress, the DoD appears to be making significant progress in developing the integrated medical informatics network.

“They want the data to be in a common format so that when a clinician looks at the record, they can find all the key pieces they need to treat that patient,” Lamb said, referring to the standardized data formats outlined in the report. “This is an efficient and effective way for the departments to modernize their information systems together.”

The 3M Corporation recently announced that its Healthcare Data Dictionary (HDD) will be utilized by the DoD and the VA to provide semantic interoperability functionality between medical centers located across the country and around the world. The HDD enables physicians to access a range of clinical information from disparate medical informatics networks and health information exchanges using standardized semantic analysis tools.

Officials at 3M said that by using the HDD, healthcare facilities will be able to implement medical informatics technology quickly and more effectively, enabling many providers to demonstrate meaningful use of clinical informatics systems under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ federal financial incentive program.