Level of Experience Differs For Health Care Employers

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Rachel Wixson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Cipe Consulting Group

Summary: Experience is important if you are looking to get into consulting, but the vendor side offers a lot of entry level opportunities.


I would say from the consulting side, the experience is something that most folks will look for. The vendor side is one place that offers a lot of entry level opportunities, and it’s how I made my jump from college to where I am now. I found … This is specific to Epic and I’m sure it’s true of others … I found that they were looking for folks who can communicate and think outside the box.

You can teach a technology to someone. We can all learn programs, but you can’t teach how to think about process, and you can’t teach how to work with people, and how to do follow-up, and how to think in certain ways.

Those are skills that you learn in … Get through a variety of degrees, and I think it puts you like Bonnie mentioned, puts you a step ahead when you already understand the industry that you’re working in, and you’re not fumbling around with key words, and if you have an idea of what the business is it really puts you ahead. One thing that a lot of my customers have done, mostly for acute hospital facilities, is they have actually engaged students from local universities to assist with goal life support. In some cases they brought them in in advance to help test the system, maybe be involved in training, and they were a super user to physicians at the elbow.

In a couple of cases that’s resulted in a job for those folks where they saw potential in someone who picked up a system really quick, and then when they needed an analyst opening, that’s the first person that they thought of. That would be one. Another creative way as you’re looking at internships or ways to get involved, or if you have relationships with hospitals near your area that I’ve seen be and that may not have otherwise existed.