Master of Science in Health Informatics Graduate – Olympia Kalagidis

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Olympis Kalagidis

Hear from a former graduate on why she chose UIC and how it has helped her career growth.


My name is Olympia Kalagidis, and I earned a master’s in health informatics at UIC. I chose UIC because it’s located in the major urban area, a large medical center. Many medical centers are located in Chicago. UIC’s program is a more applicable program. It’s not theoretical. I was looking for something that I could use immediately upon graduation. Online learning was a new thing for me.

I had to learn how to manage my time in small increments and also carve out time in order to study and read, and also be able to do the assignments and interact on the discussion groups online. It lends itself to a different kind of time management. Instead of cramming the night before a test, you have to learn how to divide up your assignments into small increments and work on those throughout the week.

The types of jobs that the students and my graduate colleagues hold are pharmacy, informaticians. They might do some analytical work like analyzing the data within a medical center to see what the trends are for admissions, discharge, drug usage, incidents and prevalence of disease. Because we have global students, we have students from across all over the world, population health is a big one. Physicians are taking our courses because it has become especially and accepted in license specialty within the medical community. A lot of the nurses are taking our courses because they are the informaticians examining and analyzing workflow.

We also have accountants that work on the business side and other such as myself who I have a degree in biology and this offered me an ability to apply my biology degree, but in an analytic and consultative format. One of the reasons I chose UIC is they are accredited by CAHIIM. It’s an accreditation agency for health informatics and health information management. UIC is one of the few programs that has been accredited and it was the first program accredited by CAHIIM.

UIC is also a research one organization. It’s a Carnegie one research organization which has a very high level of research within the organization that’s in the top 25 in the United States. You get the benefits doing an online program at a top rated UIC research organization, but it’s also CAHIIM approved.