Master of Science in Health Informatics Graduate – Tara Jones

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Tara Jones

Hear from graduate Tara Jones on the importance of obtaining a degree in health informatics.


I chose UIC’s Informatics Program because first of all, it is an accredited program, it’s well known, the instructors all are experts in their field and the flexibility of having an online program where I can access it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anytime was excellent.

With the family, a job, and being a mom it really helped me get through.

Obtaining this degree in Health to Informatics has really assisted me in helping my patients get a better understanding of how electronic medical records were positively impacted their life.

Their day to day interactions with their physicians and nurses will get them involved more closely than what they used to be before used to be a period of time where the physicians had total control over the patient’s charts and their care.

Now, the push is for the patient to interact more and have more control over their own health. I believe obtaining this degree helped me propel that.

It will help me just teach them and educate them on how they could effectively affect their lives by interacting with Health Informatics and taking control of their own life.

What I got out of this degree or what was the most beneficial to me was the fact that I got a chance to interact with not only nurses like myself but physicians, pharmacists, IT specialists, who could actually help me gain knowledge that I never thought I’d have.

We had discussions daily that actually helped me get a clear grasp on what IT would consist of as far as this Health Informatics degree.

Having that 24-hour flexibility, being able to interact back and forth with each individual really helped expand my knowledge base and really helped propel me to another level in nursing and in Health Informatics.

As far as how it has affected me as a nurse in my career, I’m looking forward to a degree that can take me in more of a manager’s position possibly a CIO position, Chief Information Officer position, clinical analyst position, anything where I can get my nursing degree and also this IT piece and merge it to help our health care system expand and help people on a whole another level.

I would recommend UIC’s Health Informatics Program to anyone that was looking to expand their knowledge base on health information.

Develop a better understanding of ICD9 codes or how we are just going to expand as a health care system as a whole. UIC offering me flexibility as far as the 24-hour access to the internet, excellent instructors, students or my colleagues who are excellent resources as far as questions or concerns that I had, maybe I didn’t understand a project or an assignment, we all got together collaboratively and got through it, so that’s why I would recommend UIC’s excellent program.