New blood inventory management program may help healthcare providers save a billion dollars

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A new inventory management software may help hospitals track their use of blood products in patients, manage their inventory and compare protocols against best practices. Experts say that this could save the healthcare industry nearly $1 billion.

The software – which is called Appropriate Inventory Management (AIM) – helps healthcare providers track blood utilization and analysis of patient outcomes through monitoring of the blood products by both hospitals and the blood centers.

Officials said that AIM has the only national database of information that will allow blood centers to provide hospitals with individualized laboratory, donor and patient data. Medical Centers will be able to better manage their blood inventory, reduce waste and be in compliance with new standards that have been mandated by the Joint Commission.

“The overriding benefit to hospitals will be having data that identifies the transfusion protocols that result in the best outcomes in patients, which is what we all strive for,” said Jim MacPherson, CEO of America’s Blood Centers.

Software programs such as this demonstrate the need for graduates of health information technology management degree programs. More professionals are being counted to help hospitals and medical centers incorporate these systems into the healthcare setting and potentially save medical centers and clinics millions of dollars.