New medical informatics tools enable physicians to identify at-risk patients

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New tools developed by health information management software vendor Phytel will enable medical professionals to more accurately identify and treat patients at risk of preventable health complications, according to Information Week.

The organization’s Atmosphere software solution is customizable, and integrates with existing medical informatics networks to allow physicians to use population patient health information (PIH) to assess the risk of health conditions based on historical and environmental data.

The tools offer a range of treatment suggestions based on patients’ medical history, and can alert medical professionals and patients via text message, email and phone calls to make patients aware of the need for medical procedures, such as overdue foot examinations for diabetics.

According to Phytel’s official website, several healthcare facilities have already adopted such systems to improve the quality of patient care. The Riverside Medical Group in Richmond, Virginia, implemented a similar system to ensure that patients who rarely visited their physicians were made aware of the need for routine checkups, tests and preventative care measures.

The web-based system was integrated with Riverside’s existing clinical informatics network, and, as a result, more than 13,420 appointments were made thanks to the automated messaging system. Of this figure, 9,173 consultations would not have been made without the outreach technology.

“This literally gives you a roadmap for cutting risks,” said Robert Fortini, vice president of Bon Secours Medical Group, as quoted by the news outlet. Bon Secours adopted Phytel’s Patient Proactive Outreach system of health information management tools around 18 months ago. “With healthcare reform and all the changes coming with it, watching for care gap[s] in the transitions of care for patients, and being able to provide outreach, is vital.”