Nuance improving quality of voice recognition software

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Nuance Communications recently released another version of its Dragon Medical voice recognition software, aimed at smaller healthcare practices. Targeted at facilities with fewer than 24 physicians, Nuance claims that the Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) will interface smoothly with existing medical informatics systems, and that results will be more accurate, according to Information Week.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition will improve overall efficiency of care in small healthcare practices by allowing physicians to focus on patients as opposed to transcribing notes or entering data into a clinical informatics system, according to Nuance’s official website. The company claims that the Practice Edition of the voice recognition system will reduce financial expenditure on transcription services and allow physicians to spend more time with patients. Additionally, the system complies fully with HIPAA guidelines to ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained.

“Now the information is instantaneous,” Dr. Andrew Fireman, a physician at AMS Cardiology in Pennsylvania, told the news source. “If one of my patients has to have a procedure within 24 to 48 hours, I complete their notes in the [electronic health record] and by the time I send the patient down to the person who will schedule the procedure, they already have legible documentation of what needs to be done, which helps them converse with hospitals and insurance companies.”

According to the news outlet, DMPE is 15 percent more accurate than other versions of the software, and licenses are available at around $1,600 per physician. Small healthcare practices account for approximately 40 percent of the physician population of the U.S.

An estimated 40 percent of physician practices across the country have adopted some level of medical informatics system, according to FierceEMR.