Nursing professional sees EMRs as the future of the healthcare industry

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Lisa Reichard, a registered nurse who has over 12 years of experience in pediatric facilities across the country, recently told Healthcare IT News why a growing number of pediatric practices have implemented health informatics technology such as electronic medical records (EMRs).

The healthcare professional said that one of the biggest advantages in using EMRs for pediatrics is the ease in which a professional can create and add to a patient’s records. Unlike traditional charts, EMRs are customizable in areas such as pain assessment scales. Using technology, physicians and nurses can allow their young patients to point to a face on the pain scale and document their answer instantly. The ability to easily add to charts is particularly important for child patients, who may require more frequent and unique documentation, she said.

As technology becomes more prevalent in society, Reichard told the news outlet that she believes that most patients will welcome the switch between paper records and EMRs.

According to a 2010 study by Knowledge Networks, about 52 percent of specialists and 50 percent of primary care physicians use an EMR system.