Proper Training and Skill Set Documentation Important for Entry Level Positions

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Speaker: Carter Groome, CEO of First Choice Professionals

Summary: For an entry level position, an applicant wants to have the proper training that is relevant to the job. Also, having the skill set of documentation is important when entering into an entry level position.


Sure. I’ll give a little bit more specific in terms of when I talk to clients, when they’re looking for very experienced people that have done implementations or done that at different hospitals in the past. There’s certain skill sets, and we’ve talked about them here, but if it’s more entry-level and when you’re coming out of school or grad program, you may look at those entry-level positions.

I think about training, is a great area to look at. You don’t need to know a lot about how the hospital operates, how our business office operates, how a system necessarily works in terms of your subject matter expertise, whether it’s clinical or financial. Training is a great area to look into to break in.

Another area I think about is documentation. A lot of these projects require huge and vast amounts of documentation and resources that understand how to document things within a project. Those are 2 areas that I think about when I think entry-level roles within hospitals or with vendors that are open to bringing on people that are just coming out of a graduate program.

One other thing that I think about as some of these larger vendors expand internationally. I think I heard the other day that Cerner is now in 27 countries. If you speak a second language fluently, that is a huge bonus. I’m telling you, they will listen to you if you’re coming out of school with an informatics degree. They’ll say, “Are you interested in going to France or Germany or Dubai or something?” If you speak a second language, they’ll take a keen interest in your skill set.