Reasons to pursue a Health Informatics master’s degree

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Speakers: Rick T. Reyes (RN, BSN), Class of 2015

Summary: Learn why a registered nurse turned 10 years of clinical experience into a career as a clinical informaticist with a degree from UIC.

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One of the reasons why I was attracted to healthcare informatics was the opportunity to speak with all the different people in the hospital environment.

I reached a point in my career where I wanted to explore other areas of the hospital where I might be able to contribute, and by that point I had already been a nurse for about 10 years or so. I always knew that patient care would at some point be in my past.

Now as a clinical informaticist, I spend my mornings talking with clinicians and direct caregivers. I can go from that meeting and pivot over to another meeting where I’m speaking with directors and managers about the resource allocation, reports for regulatory agencies at overseas hospital operations, and in the afternoon I could spend a few hours talking with the IT specialist directly about building some of the applications that we talked about early in the morning, so to be able to touch on all those different areas in the hospital is for me particularly rewarding.

As a RN for 10 years or so, the one thing in particular I like about being a clinical informaticist is that it draws upon that 10 years worth of clinical experience, it doesn’t just leave it behind.

In many ways this is a continuation of my healthcare career, and not a new separate distinct healthcare careers. Many RNs are going to find when they are in that clinical informaticist role, something that they learned eight years ago upon the unit, or in the ORs, directly helps them be more effective in a clinical informaticist role.