Rehabilitation hospital group to implement Cerner EHR

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HealthSouth, an Alabama-based healthcare provider specializing in rehabilitation medicine, has announced that it will partner with Cerner in the adoption of the company’s Millennium electronic health record (EHR) technology in its 97 inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRF’s) across 26 states.

As part of HealthSouth’s widespread implementation of Cerner’s EHR, particular emphasis will be placed on the adoption of separate computerized physician order entry systems, in addition to pharmacy informatics systems to handle electronic medication dispensation.

Rusty Yeager, HealthSouth chief information officer, said that “Cerner was selected because of its complete and scalable electronic health record offering that spans the entire service line with our hospitals. Implementing this system in our hospitals will allow clinicians, therapists and physicians to spend more time focusing on patients and their recovery.”

According to Information Week, HealthSouth initially began testing Cerner’s technology more than a year ago at its Northern Virginia IRF. The healthcare provider plans to adopt the Cerner EHR into every day use at its Glendale, Arizona facility later this month. HealthSouth further plans to implement the Millennium medical informatics system into a new IRF scheduled to open in Houston, Texas, later this year.

Despite HealthSouth’s plans for the widespread implementation of the Millennium EHR, under the guidelines issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), rehabilitation hospitals are ineligible for the financial incentives outlined in CMS’ Meaningful Use program.

“Many of HealthSouth’s hospital referrals come from acute care hospitals. Digitizing care in HealthSouth’s hospitals creates the potential to link its hospitals with the acute care facilities, enabling a more efficient and higher quality patient care process,” said Zane Burke, executive vice president of Cerner, quoted by the news source.