Research shows that patients believe their doctors are responsible for their personal information

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Recent research from CDW Healthcare shows that the vast majority of patients believe that healthcare organizations are responsible for protecting financial data.

Researchers found that 93 percent of patients believe that healthcare providers are responsible for protecting personally identifiable information.

“Digital files are not inherently less secure than paper files, but they do require a completely different set of technologies, processes and internal policies for protection,” said Bob Rossi, vice president of CDW Healthcare.

Researchers suggested four preliminary steps for healthcare organizations to aid in boosting their security profile. First, execute an information technology security assessment and start with installing anti-virus programs. Secondly, protecting their investment by using the appropriate security measures for the size of EHR systems they have. Lastly, reassess often to tighten loop holes on an annual basis.

This study shows the need for health information management professionals to help healthcare providers create and implement an EHR system. These professionals can ensure the technology is safe to use and incorporates a low-cost, high-yield investment for the hospital or medical center.