Researchers find that patients and doctors agree that electronic health records are beneficial

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A recent study from the Markle Foundation found that doctors and patients agree on increasing electronic access to medical records, according to Healthcare IT News.

Researchers found that 74 percent of doctors say they want to be able to share patient information with other professionals through electronic means.

They added that the survey shows individuals and physicians agree that there needs to be a method to measure the payoff of IT, which may lead to better health and more cost-effective care.

This demonstrates the need for medical facilities to hire more graduates who hold health information technology management degrees. These professionals can help introduce these systems to various hospitals and clinics, while providing pertinent information to the public.

“Doctors and patients agree on the importance of putting accurate information in their hands to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care,” said Zoe Baird, president of the Markle Foundation.

The survey revealed that approximately 80 percent of the public and physicians agreed that it is critical to require participating hospitals and doctors to share information to better coordinate care. This may lead to cutting unnecessary costs and reducing medical errors.